University of Benghazi scientific journals platform is an electronic application for managing and publishing scholarly journals. mainly introduced and released by Information and communications technology center to improve access to research, using the most widely used technologies for the journal publishing platform.


  • The Scientific Journal of University of Benghazi

    The journal of the University of Benghazi publishes original research and review papers in all fields of pure and applied sciences, arts, economics, medicine, engineering, and law.

    The journal publishes four issues per year in two volumes.

  • Journal of Financial and Economic Research

    The Journal of Financial and Economic Research is a specialized and refereed electronic scientific journal in the fields of accounting, financial, administrative and economic, issued by the Accounting Department of the Faculty of Economics, University of Benghazi. It was established in 2016. This Journal is concerned with the free publication of original and discreet scientific research and studies. The criterion for publication shall be objectivity and scientific level, sound scientific methodology. All research and studies are subject to review and confidential arbitration by specialized professors. We hope that this journal will meet the aspirations of researchers and those interested, and contribute to enriching knowledge and scientific research in our beloved country.

  • Benghazi Medical Journal

    A medical scientific journal published periodically
    A scientific medical journal which aims to publish quality research papers from Libya and other countries .

  • Journal of the Faculty of Arts

    the Journal of Faculty of Arts is an online academic journal that adheres to the highest standards of peer review and engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world and welcoming to contributions all kinds of scientific works in any disciplines, approaches, and languages. Articles are published in the current issue as soon as they have completed the review process

  • Dirasat in Economics and Business

    Dirasat in Economics and Business is a refereed scientific journal, issued bi- annually by the research and consultations office at the Faculty of Economics, University of Benghazi - Libya, concerned with publishing theoretical researches, and applied studies in the area of economics, management, accounting, political sciences, marketing, financial, public administration, and any other studies aimed at enriching scientific research in the field of social sciences in general. It has established a name and reputation locally and internationally. The first volume published in 1965.

  • Libyan Journal of Science &Technology

    The Libyan Journal of Science and Technology (LJST) is online scientific journal devoted to the publication of original research contributions in the field of Fundamental Sciences (pure an applied). Manuscripts reporting the results of new research - observational, experimental, or theoretical – concerning the disciplines of Astronomy, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Mathematics and other scientific areas of applied sciences are welcome. Manuscripts of short papers, regular papers, notes, comments and letters to the editor can be submitted. Reviews, historical papers, manuscripts describing scientific instrumentations and book reviews may be considered, but only with prior approval of the Editor-In-Chief or executive editor. English is the language of publication that used in this journal. LJST is endorsed by Faculty of Science, the University of Benghazi, Libya. However, publications written in Arabic can be submitted with prior approval of the Editor-In-Chief or executive editor.
  • Journal of Legal studies

    A semi-arbited scientific journal that publishes three issues annually issued by the Faculty of Law / University of Benghazi concerned with legal and judicial research and studies. them and the date of this magazine.
  • Libyan Journal of Dentistry

    The journal was founded in 2017 and its current location is the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Benghazi. The journal publishes the scientific papers biannually and all received papers are sent anonymously(double-blind peer review) to two different reviewers to assure that the material is scientific and qualified for publishing. The Libyan Journal of Dentistry retains the copyright to all materials published in the journal. As an open access journal, we do not charge readers or their institutions for access.

  • Almanara Scientific Journal

    A semi-annual refereed scientific journal issued by the Faculty of Education Qamens / University of Benghazi interested in publishing research in the various fields of humanities and applied sciences.

  • Libyan Journal for Engineering Research

    A Refereed Scientific Journal issued semi-annually by Faculty of Engineering

  • The Libyan Journal of Media Research

    The Libyan Journal of Media Research (LJMR) is a local open access journal dedicated to a wide variety of basic and applied research in media and communication and its related fields. Open Access: free to read and share .A semi-annual refereed scientific journal issued by the Faculty Media /University of Benghazi..The objective of the LJMR is to publish Libyan research in the field of media and communication studies. In pursuing this objective, particular attention is paid to research that has a distinctive Libyan flavour by virtue of choice of topic or by drawing on the legacy of Libyan theory and research. The purview of the journal is the entire field of media and communication studies as practiced in Libya or with relevance to Libya.

  • Faculty of Education Scientific Journal

    The journal is educational, scientific, and bi-annual peer reviewed. It is concerned with publishing research and studies in educational sciences for serving humanity. It is published by Faculty of Education – Benghazi. Its objectives are represented in the follows: - offering opportunities for researchers to publish research in all educational and scientific fields; - contributing in building the community of knowledge through publishing peer reviewed educational research; - finding specialized, electronic track for serving researchers in the field of education; and - publishing original and updated research for serving educational scientific research, updating the educational thought, and preserving the values.

  • Afaq Journal for Human and Applied Studies

    مجلة آفاق للدراسات الإنسانية والتطبيقية مجلة علمية محكمة تصدر عن كلية الآداب والعلوم الأبيار بجامعة بنغازي ، وهي تعنى بنشر الأبحاث في مجالات العلوم الإنسانية والتطبيقية ، كما يمكن للمجلة نشر أخبار ومداولات المنتديات والمؤتمرات العلمية التي تنظمها الكلية