About the Journal

About:  The Scientific Journal University of Benghazi, a publication of the University of Benghazi is a peer-reviewed print and online continuous journal. The journal's full text is available online at http://sjuob.uob.edu.ly.. The journal permits open and free access to its contents and permits authors to self-archive final accepted versions of the articles  

The first issue of the journals was published in 1988. Since that time the SJOUOB has continued its publications in both Arabic and English.

Hard copies and electronic copies of the journals are available. To access the

electronic versions, please go to

 The publisher and supporter of the SJOUB: Benghazi University. 

Legal Deposit Number: 154/2018 National Book House.

VISION:   The SJUOB publishes sound research in all disciplines and is well-known, locally and internationally. It aims to be one of the foremost international periodicals for all disciplines, publishing high-quality scientific research and dedicated to the development and promotion of research, post-graduate training and further education.

MISSION:  Our mission is to provide an open-access resource for the global community of scholars, scientists, and researchers who aspire to publish their research and read others’ research in a well-reviewed journal.


  1. Ensure the integrity of academic research.
  2. Establish and maintain strong links to the international community via research through reputable publications and conferences.
  3. Certify research skills and reliability via quality assurance processes.
  4. Meet international standards for publication.
  5. Support outstanding undergraduate students and encourage them to research and publish their research.

  SCOPE The journal publishes bi-annual publications in Arabic and English in various disciplines, as follows: 

Applied sciences: Faculties of Basic Science, Engineering and Information                  Technology 

Medical Sciences: Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy - Public Health, Medical Technology                              

Humanities: Faculties of Economy, Law, Arts, Education, Media. 

A warm welcome from the new Editorial Board of the Scientific Journal of the University of Benghazi (SJUOB).

The SJUOB is pleased to invite all researchers in all disciplines to submit their valuable work to the SJUOB. This multi-disciplinary journal opens the door to receive manuscripts from all universities all over the world, provided that the manuscripts comply with the journal’s rules and guidelines. The submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by expert reviewers according to the discipline of the manuscript. The submitted manuscript should be presented in compliance with the Authors’ Guidelines.

We aim to increase the efficiency of scientific research at Benghazi University by encouraging the teaching staff as well as students at all stages of university education to participate in this journal.